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Celia Finance Solutions can help you find the best home loan solution.

We are passionate about the home loan industry. Not everything is based on interest rates these days; it is often the hidden charges that will add thousands of dollars over the life of the loan. We believe every client is unique. Therefore it is imperative for us to grasp a comprehensive understanding of the client’s situation, before aligning them with the home loan that best suits their needs.

We value customer service, both personally and professionally. We will keep track ofthe process from loan application, loan approval, loan document signing, certification until the property settlement. We will work closely with your representatives such as real estate agents and solicitors, as well as provide updates on the process so you are always in the most informed position possible.

You can start by getting Pre-approval, and then while you are searching for property we will provide you with free Property Reports which will equip you with valuable information in your property search, to enable you to conduct well informed property negotiation before making final and crucial decisions. Our customers are strongly delighted with this service.


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We are located at centre of buzzing Campsie, Sydney Innerwest..